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Frequently asked questions...

  • South West Water have told me I have a leak but there is no water showing how do they know?

SWW Have a team of experienced leak detection staff who target areas of high leakage. The first thing they do is listen on your stop-tap or look at your meter which is normally in the footpath adjacent to your property.

If there is no noise on the stop-tap and the meter is not moving they will move on to your neighbour If however there is a noise or the meter is moving they will knock on your door and ask you if you are using water. If you are they will ask you to stop using momentarily and recheck the stop-tap or meter again. If the noise disappears or the meter stops they will let you know and move on to the next one.

If however the noise remains or the meter is still moving with no water being used within the house it is likely that you have a leak on your external service pipe. The final check is to ask you to turn off your internal stop-tap, (normally under the kitchen sink). You will be asked to check your cold tap to ensure the internal stop-tap works. If the internal stop-tap works and the noise persists or the meter still turns this means unfortunately you have a leak on your external pipework.

It is a myth that all water leaks show. Water will always “follow the easiest route”. If it can find its way into a drain, duct or simply drain away it will.

  • The leak has been proven what happens next?

The Leak detector will give the details to SWW who will then issue you with a “waste notice”. You will normally have 30days to repair your leak, (in extreme cases where the leak is quite large you may only have 10 days to repair). The timescale for repair will be stated on the notice.

  • I have received a waste notice from SWW what do I do?

You will need to get somebody to detect the leak, (if it is not showing) and repair it within the timescales given on the notice. Duchy Water would be happy to provide both these services.

  • I have had a high bill because I had a leak do I have to pay it?

In most cases SWW will grant a “one off” leak allowance to its Domestic customers once the leak has been repaired.

  • Can I get any help toward the cost of the repair?

SWW currently operate a “one off” scheme whereby most domestic customers can claim £100 toward the cost of a “spot repair” and £250 toward the cost of the complete renewal of your external pipework.

Duchy Water Services are in constant communication with SWW and this is something we can help you with to make your life easier.

If you have any further questions that we have not covered feel free to ring or e-mail Steve for advice or clarification

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